About Me

Your assessor Digby Veling is a highly experienced skipper who has worked in a wide range of marine industries over the last 20 years. The most important aspect of training is how to handle your boat in all situations whether it be rough, calm, windy, raining or limited visibility due to fog.

Digby has experienced all these situations and can provide you more information than you need to pass the course. Digby’s experience comes through years of working around the country and the world in different oceans and boats with experienced masters. Digby has worked on various Cray Fishing, Charter Fishing, River Cruise and Sailing Vessels all around Australia. Digby has also worked on Cruise Ships, Super Yachts, Navy Patrol Vessels, Maxi Racing Yachts and a number of Government vessels. His knowledge of Western Australian waters are extensive, especially from Mandurah to Two Rocks.

Digby has specific training techniques that are clear and easy to understand. He will show you simple steps on how to maneuver the boat efficiently and effectively depending on the wind and tides. He will teach you how to trim the boat to run at optimum speed saving you $ in fuel costs. The training is as you would expect, professional but relaxed as learning what you love should not be stressful.

Digby’s new boat is a 5.3m polycraft that is safe and easy to drive. A new canopy provides enough shade for those hot or rainy days or if you want some sun there’s the option to sit out the back and catch some rays.